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 Oleo SPOS is redefining the palm oil industry by transforming waste into a carbon-neutral alternative to palm oil. Our cutting-edge technology is currently patent-pending and has the  ability to convert biomass, such as agricultural waste and forest residues from vegetation treatments for wildfire prevention, into a sustainable bio-oil. These waste materials not only present environmental risks as fire hazards, but also release sequestered carbon into the atmosphere as they degrade. By recycling them, we are taking proactive steps to combat climate change while simultaneously creating a drop-in replacement for palm oil. Explore our process by hovering over the icons below.


Recycled Biomass
The Oleo Process
Drop In Replacement for Palm Oil
Personal Care
Biofuel Intermediate

Oleo recycles biomass from a variety of sources like agricultural waste and forest residues from fuel reduction treatments for wildfire prevention.

The Oleo Process is a patented fermentation platform for converting wasted biomass into sustainable second generation oil.

The result of the Oleo Process is a drop in replacement for palm oil, ready to be used in a variety of ways!

This oil can then be used as an ingredient in personal care products like deodorant, cosmetics, and more.

This oil can be used as an intermediate product to create sustainable biofuel.

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